Puget Sound Regional Council

Getting Ready for the Future

PSRC’s mission is to ensure a thriving central Puget Sound now and into the future through planning for regional transportation, growth management and economic development.

Working Together

At PSRC, central Puget Sound counties (King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap), cities and towns, ports, tribes, transit agencies, and the state work together to develop policies and make decisions about regional issues.

Regional Decisions Informed by Solid Research and Collaboration

PSRC works with local government, business and citizens to build a common vision for the region’s future, expressed through three connected major activities: VISION 2040, the region’s growth strategy; Transportation 2040, the region’s long-range transportation plan; and the Regional Economic Strategy, the region’s blueprint for long-term prosperity.

VISION 2040 is the region’s strategy for addressing anticipated growth of population and employment through 2040. VISION 2040 describes how and where we can grow while also supporting the well-being of people and communities, economic prosperity and a healthy environment.

Transportation 2040 is the region’s long-range transportation plan. The plan outlines the investments and strategies needed to keep the region moving as we grow.

Regional Economic Strategy, led by the PSRC’s Economic Development Board, is a plan for strengthening the region’s economic foundations and supporting industries that offer outstanding potential for good-paying jobs and long-term sustainability.

PSRC Data: PSRC is a rich data resource for the entire region – providing the data tools required to plan for the long term and inform decisions made every day. The agency offers population, housing and transportation data, GIS mapping, and is the regional center for U.S. Census Bureau data for the region.

PSRC Funding: A key role of PSRC is to help communities secure federal funding for transportation. PSRC selects projects to receive over $240 million in transportation funding each year.

PSRC Leadership and Organization

PSRC is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Board. Each member of PSRC is a voting member of the General Assembly, which meets at least annually to vote on major decisions, establish the budget, and elect new officers. The Executive Board is chaired by the PSRC President, meets monthly, and serves as the governing board. Both the General Assembly and Executive Board use weighted votes based on population to make decisions.

The Transportation Policy Board and Growth Management Policy Board include representatives of PSRC’s member jurisdictions, tribes, regional business, labor, civic, and environmental groups, as well as voting members representing each caucus of the state Legislature. These boards make recommendations on key transportation and growth management issues to the Executive Board.

PSRC also supports the work of the region’s Economic Development Board, governed by a board composed of public and private members that meets bi-monthly to coordinate regional economic development planning.

committee structure

Budget and Funding Sources

The Puget Sound Regional Council operates under a two-year (biennial) budget and work program. The agency receives its revenue from federal, state and local sources.

PSRC Leadership

Photo of John Marchione

Mayor John Marchione
City of Redmond – President


Executive Dave Somers
Snohomish County – Vice President

About photo - Rob Johnson, TPB Chair

Councilmember Rob Johnson
City of Seattle – Chair, Transportation Policy Board

Ryan Mello

Deputy Mayor Ryan Mello
City of Tacoma – Chair, Growth Management Policy Board

Deputy Mayor Catherine Stanford, EDD Vice President

Deputy Mayor Catherine Stanford
City of Lake Forest Park – President, EDD


Josh Brown
PSRC Executive Director - Josh’s bio



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