Puget Sound Regional Council

PSRC relies on the work of key committees to provide advice and recommendations on regional issues, and to serve as forums for special topics.

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Coordinates with and advises PSRC staff, policy boards, and other advisory committees on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian-related planning issues.

FAST Freight Advisory Committee
Partnership to solve regional freight mobility problems with coordinated solutions.

Land Use Technical Advisory Committee
Advises on demographic, economic, and land use data and modeling projects and technical long-range land use planning activities.

Model Users Group
Addresses current travel forecasting projects.

Regional Food Policy Council
Serves as a forum for discussing food issues and fostering regional coordination between sectors of the food system.

Regional Freight Mobility Roundtable
Public-private forum to define and recommend actions serving freight mobility needs in and through central Puget Sound.

Regional FTA Caucus
A subcommittee to the Transportation Operators Committee. Recommends a program of Federal Transit Administration urbanized formula program funds (also known as 5307 funds), and beginning in 2013, state of good repair formula funds (also known as 5337 funds) and bus and bus facilities formula funds (also known as 5339 funds) for transit.

Regional Open Space Conservation Plan Advisory Committee

Regional Project Evaluation Committee
Makes recommendations on criteria and specific projects for federal funding and deal with related transportation planning issues.

Regional Staff Committee
Discusses key issues and may make recommendations to the policy boards, Operations Committee, and Executive Board.

Regional Technical Forum
Includes technical staff from Council members, and others interested in technical issues.

Regional Traffic Operations Committee
Works to create a collaborative and coordinated approach to regional traffic operations investments and practices in the Central Puget Sound region.

Regional Transit-Oriented Development Advisory Committee
Provides guidance to PSRC and other agencies and organizations on implementation, coalition building within the region, and support for state and federal legislation and funding needed to create and sustain thriving and equitable transit communities in the region.

SoundCast Technical Working Group
A short-term ad-hoc committee advising the Regional Staff Committee on PSRC’s transition to SoundCast, a new travel model.

Special Needs Transportation Committee
Advises the Transportation Operators Committee on special needs transportation, environmental justice and transit.

TDM Steering Committee
Coordinates with and advises PSRC staff, policy boards, and other advisory committees on the various transportation demand management-related activities happening throughout the region.

Transportation 2040 Finance Working Group
A limited-term group tasked with reviewing financial strategy assumptions in the region’s transportation plan and providing recommendations to the Transportation Policy Board.

Transportation 2040 Maintenance & Preservation Working Group
A limited-term group tasked with developing the maintenance and preservation component of the Transportation 2040 Update.

Transportation Operators Committee
Deals with transit-related issues. Includes representatives of the public transit agencies in each county, Sound Transit, and the state Department of Transportation’s Ferry Planning Office, Urban Mobility Office, and Transportation and Rail Division.

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