Puget Sound Regional Council

Oversees the feasibility for creating a fund for acquiring TOD sites for affordable housing. Solicits input from stakeholders into types and terms of loan products that would encourage mixed-income communities in transit station areas. Assists in finding investors for the fund. Coordinates process for selecting a fund manager.

Current Status

The Regional TOD Fund Subcommittee held its last meeting in late 2013. In January 2014, the PSRC Executive Board created a Regional TOD Fund Working Group. The Working Group was charged with several specific tasks, as follows:
• Articulate desired/required characteristics/guiding principles for a TOD Fund
• Review and comment on/endorse the preliminary Business Plan Framework.
• Consider options for public funding, to include federal, state, local, and regional sources
• Report on the prospects for funding from agencies in these sectors, implications of different public funding scenarios, pros and cons
• Update picture on outreach to private funders
• Recommend tangible steps region should take to establish the TOD Fund

The Working Group was asked to report back to the Executive Board with its findings and recommendations.

Michael Hubner, 206-971-3289
Mary Pat Lawlor, 206-971-3272

Past Meeting Materials and Presentations

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