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PSRC and WSDOT, along with other PSRC members, have partnered to form the Interagency Data Group (IDG) as a means of strengthening data sharing throughout the central Puget Sound. The purpose and aim of the group is summed up in the mission statement:

In support of improved multimodal and freight mobility analysis, this interagency group will coordinate and share, when possible, existing transportation system performance data, measures and indicators for the central Puget Sound region."

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Contact: Robin Mayhew, 206-464-7537

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Performance Measures Data Catalog

Since its formation, the IDG has created a performance measures data catalog, containing contact and summary information for data relating to congestion and mobility in the central Puget Sound region. The catalog provides users with a snapshot of available data and where it can be accessed – it is not a data repository. The idea behind the catalog is to facilitate data sharing among agencies and across jurisdictional boundaries in order to provide a more regional approach to congestion management.

Catalog entries are obtained through a survey. Parties with relevant transportation data are invited to fill out the survey. The initial survey request was sent out to a target audience of over 400 individuals around the Puget Sound, as well as from internal PSRC resources. The catalog includes data covering geographies from the local to state level in the following categories:

Data Categories

Traffic Transit
Economic CTR
Nonmotorized Safety
Freight Road
Demographic Parking
Ferry Vanpool
Park & Ride  

The catalog is currently in an excel spreadsheet and will be updated on an as-needed basis.


Performance Measures Data Catalog
WSDOT Gray Notebook

More Information

Meetings are held quarterly, alternating between PSRC and WSDOT’s Urban Corridors Office in Seattle.

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