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February 17, 2017: Nominations Open

May 18, 2017: Nominations Close



Michele Leslie


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Eligibility & Criteria

Nominations can be projects, programs or plans in the four-county region (King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties) that are developed in the public or private sectors, or through public/private partnerships. Any individual, business, agency, organization or jurisdiction may submit a nomination.

Examples of projects include housing developments, transportation improvements, mixed-use development or redevelopment, open space preservation, and other similar efforts.

Examples of programs and plans include comprehensive or subarea plans, economic development plans, design guidelines, outreach/education efforts, transportation demand management programs, and other similar efforts.

All nominated projects, programs or plans should be well designed and/or well written, and should be innovative, creative, and, preferably, have the ability to be transferable to other locations within the region.

How to Make a Nomination

Nominations must include a cover page, a one page description, and two supporting items, see details below. Please mail two hard copies to PSRC by May 19, 2017. A postmark is sufficient, but please alert staff prior to May 18 to be expecting the nomination.

Your cover page must include:

  • Name of nominated project, program or plan.
  • Contact person, address, telephone number and e-mail, jurisdiction, business, organization, or individual nominator.
  • Name, address, telephone number and e-mail of the principal individual responsible for the project, program or plan.
  • Name(s) of partnering agencies that you would like mentioned on the award.

You must include a single sided one page description
that includes the following:

  • Name of the nominated project, program, or plan.
  • Description of the nomination, with brief background on its development and time period of its preparation.
  • Evidence of innovation as well as positive reception from the community.
  • Explanation of how and to what extent this project has been implemented.
  • Description of how the nomination meets two of the following criteria, name the criteria you are referring to in the description:
  1. Strategic and/or innovative investment in services, facilities or programs to support the development of healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.
  2. Improved proximity or access between home and work.
  3. Efficient development or redevelopment in urban, town or manufacturing/industrial centers.
  4. Improved economic activity through creation and retention of family-wage jobs and efficient movement of freight, goods and information.
  5. Increased supply of housing types, especially affordable housing.
  6. Increased opportunities and incentives to walk, bicycle or use public transit.
  7. Innovative pricing and financing methods to promote development in centers, encourage efficient use of the region’s transportation system, and/or conserve the region’s natural resources.
  8. Protection and conservation of rural areas, critical areas, and other aspects of the natural environment.

You must also include at least two supporting items:

  • Images of the project
  • A report, study or other background or supporting information.
  • A letter of support from an elected official, member of the community, or program participant.

Please send two hard copies to:

PSRCVISION 2040 Awards Program

ATTN: Michele Leslie

1011 Western Ave Suite 500

Seattle, WA 98104


Puget Sound Regional Council • 1011 Western Ave, Suite 500 • Seattle, WA 98104 • 206-464-7090