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Executive Board At Work

The Executive Board approved 25 projects to receive $19.8 million in Transportation Enhancements funding.

The projects will receive funding from a special program requiring that 10% of Surface Transportation Program funds be used to expand transportation choices and enhance the transportation experience, including pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety programs, scenic and historic highway programs, landscaping and scenic beautification, historic preservation, and environmental mitigation. The complete list of projects is available here: http://www.psrc.org/funding/enhance. Watch the discussion psrc.org.

For more information, contact Kelly McGourty at 206-971-3601 or kmcgourty@psrc.org.

The Executive Board approved the fine particulate matter air quality conformity determination for Transportation 2040 and the 2010-13 Regional Transportation Improvement Program.

Conformity is a mechanism for ensuring that transportation activities are analyzed for their impacts on air quality prior to funding or approval. This ensures that new projects, programs, and plans do not impede an area from meeting and maintaining air quality standards. New standards for fine particulate matter were set by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2006. In December 2009, a small portion of the region in the Wapato Hills/Puyallup River Valley of Pierce County was found to be in nonattainment. Because of this, the region is required to demonstrate transportation conformity by December 14, 2010. PSRC has been working with air quality consultation partners monthly since the nonattainment designation to work through the modeling and procedural issues to demonstrate conformity.

For more information, contact Kelly McGourty at 206-971-3601 or kmcgourty@psrc.org.

The Executive Board was briefed on the process to prioritize Transportation 2040.

Now that Transportation 2040 has been adopted, PSRC is moving forward with the commitment to develop a project prioritization process that would apply to project and programs already in the plan as well as to those seeking admittance into the plan. Staff presented a proposed work plan. Next steps include a peer exchange to examine how other metropolitan areas are using prioritization to be held on November 1, 2010, as well as formation of a Working Group on Prioritization to commence in January.

For more information, contact Robin Mayhew at 206-464-7537 or rmayhew@psrc.org.

In other business, Executive Board:
• Approved agency participation in the Transportation Partnership with one no vote and one abstention.
• Approved a Routine Amendment to the 2010-13 Regional Transportation Improvement Program for Kitsap County’s Pedestrian Safety improvements at Suquamish Way and Division Ave NE.
• Approved amendments to the activity based model contract and supplemental budget and work program.
• Heard about an upcoming event on food policy: Cultivating Regional Security: Recent Research in Urban –Rural Food Systems, a UW/WSU Conference being held December 4-5 at UW Center for Urban Horticulture. Find out more here: http://depts.washington.edu/uwbg/news/food-security/.

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