Puget Sound Regional Council

The Puget Sound Regional Council operates under a two-year (biennial) budget and work program, which currently runs from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017. The biennial budget can be adjusted after the first year with a supplemental budget or simple budget amendment.

The budget and work program supports regional objectives, local government priorities, and legal mandates associated with PSRC’s responsibilities as the federal Metropolitan Planning Organization and state Regional Transportation Planning Organization. The work program is divided into three areas: regional transportation, growth and economic planning, technical and data services, and administrative services.

Budget Review Process

The Operations Committee oversees the development of the budget. The process begins in December, when the Operations Committee reviews and refines the budget. In January and February, the draft budget is reviewed by the Growth Management and Transportation Policy Boards, Economic Development District Board, Regional Staff Committee, and other PSRC staff committees. Additionally, analysis and input from the countywide planning organizations, member jurisdictions, and state and federal agencies help assure that the budget and work program contains items important and helpful to member jurisdictions.

In March, the Executive Board makes a final recommendation on the proposed budget and work program to the General Assembly, which votes on the final budget and work program at its annual meeting in the spring.

Budget & Work Program – Proposed FY 2018-2019

FY 2018-2019 Proposed Biennial Budget and Work Program (Jan 2017)


Budget & Work Program – Supplemental Amended

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