Puget Sound Regional Council

PSRC is seeking comment on its Draft Public Participation Plan. The 45-day public comment period will run from June 27 to August 10, 2016.

How to make a comment:
Email: Michele Leslie at mleslie@psrc.org
US Mail: ATTN: Michele Leslie, 1011 Western Ave, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98104
In person: Any PSRC board or committee meeting, see calendar

The Puget Sound Regional Council is committed to ensuring that everyone in the region has an opportunity to participate in regional planning decisions. The Public Participation Plan describes the ways PSRC encourages early and continuous public involvement in its activities.

Get Involved and Stay Informed

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Interested in learning more about growth and transportation challenges facing the central Puget Sound region? To request a speaker for your chamber of commerce, community group, or similar organization, contact Michele Leslie, 206-587-4819.

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