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Transportation 2040 Update (Mar 2017)
Centers Framework Update (Feb 2017)
Centers Stakeholder Working Group final report (Feb 2017)
Puget Sound Trends: Region Added 60,000 Jobs in 2016 (Feb 2017)

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Annual Report
Budget and Work Program
Bylaws (2009)
Environmental Justice Demographic Profile (2016)
Historic PSRC Planning Documents
History of PSRC (2011)
Interlocal Agreement
One Region video (Mar 2016)
PSRC Basics
PSRC Year-End Progress Report
Public Participation Plan (2014)
Public Participation Plan (2016 - DRAFT)
SEPA Policies (1997)
Title VI Plan (2016)

Air Quality

Air Quality Conformity Analysis for TIP (2009)
Emission Trends in the Region (2008)

Airport Planning

Air Cargo Strategy (2006)
Airport Compatible Land Use Program
Airport Ground Access Plan (2005)
Milestones: Regional Airports (2004)
NextGen Report (2013)
Regional Airport System Plan (2001)
Sea-Tac Airport Moving Record Number of Passengers (2016)
Strategic Plan for Aviation (2002)

Benefit-Cost Analysis

Benefit-Cost Analysis (2009)
Benefit-Cost Analysis: Methods & Approach (2009)


Active Communities Guidebook (2012)
Active Transportation Plan (2014)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts (2011)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey (2009)
Bicycle Planning, Best Practices, and Count Methodology (2011)
Bike/Ped Implementation Strategy (2003)
Bike Facility Types (2011)
Bike Map Standards (2010)
Bikestation Project (2002)

BNSF Eastside Corridor

BNSF Commuter Rail Feasibility Study (2009)

Census & American Community Survey

American Community Survey
User's Guide to the ACS (2008)


Centers Framework Update (2017)
Centers Framework Update Appendix: Military Facilities (2017)
Centers Framework Update Appendix: Peer Regions (2017)
Centers Monitoring Report (2014)
Centers Stakeholder Working Group (2017)
Checklist for Center Plans (2010)
Design Guidelines Manual (2003)
Designation Procedures for Regional Centers (2011)
Development Toolkit: Success Stories from Centers (2003)
Growth Targets and Mode Split Goals for Regional Centers (2014)
Milestones: Regional Growth Centers (2002)
Parking Management Checklist (2003)

Congestion Management Process (CMP)

T2040 Monitoring: Congestion and Mobility Report (2010)
Travel Time Data Collection Using GPS (2000)

Economic Development

Aerospace Cluster Economic Impact (2013)
Business Plan for the Building Efficiency Testing & Integration (BETI) Center (2010)
Economic Development Priorities (2016)
International Benchmarking: Research Universities & the Knowledge Region (2010)
International Benchmarking: A Tale of Ten Cities (2009)
Maritime Cluster Economic Impact (2013)
Metropolitan Business Plan for the Central Puget Sound Region (2011)
Military Cluster Strategy (2010)
Minority-Owned Business Development Strategy (2008)
Puget Sound Regional Competitiveness Indicators (2008)
Regional Economic Strategy: Economy (2012)
Regional Economic Strategy: Strategy (2012)
Talent Analysis for the Central Puget Sound Region (2012)
Tourism & Visitor Cluster Strategy (2009)
Video: One Region (2016)
WA Assn. of EDDs Statewide Strategic Assessment (NADO - 2011)


Employment Data Series [descriptions] (2010)
Employment in Manufacturing-Industrial Centers (2000-2008)
Employment in Regional Growth Centers (2000–2008)
Estimates (annual)
Puget Sound Trends: Employment

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Demographic Profile (2016)
Environmental Justice Public Outreach (2009)
Environmental Justice Roundtable Discussions (2010)
Transportation 2040 Environmental Justice (2010)
VISION 2040 DEIS: Public Outreach (2006)


Ferry Ridership (annual)
Historical Ferry Fares (2006)
Passenger-Only Ferry Study (2008)
Passenger-Only Ferry Study: Executive Summary (2008)

Food Policy

Food Policy Action Plan (2014)
Food Policy Blueprints (2013)
Food System Assessment (2011)
Integrating Food Policy in Comp Plan (Seattle Project) (2012)
Intro to the Food Policy Council (2011)
Progress Report - First Year (2011)
Progress Report - Second Year (2012)
Progress Report - Third Year (2013)
Progress Report - Fourth Year (2014)

Forecast Products

Growth Projections for Cities and Other Places
Macroeconomic Forecast (2015)


Car & Truck Speeds - PS Trends (2009)
Coal Terminal Economic Study (2014)
Coal Terminal Economic Study: Staff Summary (2014)
FAST Corridor Brochure (2006)
Freight Strategy (2010)

Growing Transit Communities

Fair Housing Equity Assessment (2014)
Business Roundtable Discussions Summary (2012)
Growing Transit Communities brochure (2013)
Growing Transit Communities Strategy (2013)

Growth Management

Design Guidelines Manual (2003)
Funding for Local Government Infrastructure (2009)
Growth Management Act - PS Applications (2009)
Industrial Lands Analysis Report (2015)
Industrial Land Supply (P.S. Trend) (2015)
Industrial Lands (1998)
Industrial Lands Addendum (2000)
Plan Review Manual (2014)
PSRC Policy & Plan Review Process (2003)
Transfer of Development Rights (2013)


Development Patterns Under Growth Management
Estimates of Current Households
Existing Conditions: Housing and Housing Affordability (2013)
Fair Housing Equity Assessment (2014)
Fair Housing Puget Sound Trend (2014)
Forecasts (2012)
Housing Element Guide (2014)
Housing Element Guide Appendix A (2014)
Housing Prices and Affordability (2009)
Milestones: Growth Mgmt. by the Numbers (2005)
Milestones: Population, Employment & Housing (2002)
Opportunity Mapping (2012)
REDI Fund Framework (2014)
Residential Building Permit Trends (annual)
Trends in Household Size (2006)
Value Capture Financing in Washington (2013)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Advanced Traveler Info Systems (ATIS) Technical Concept (2010)
Architecture (2001)
Architecture (2006)
Architecture: Discussion Groups Summary (2000)
Guidance for Complying with Federal Requirements (2001)
Implementation Plan (2009)
Integration Strategy (2001)
Mainstreaming ITS into the Transportation Planning Process (2001)
Regional Concept of Transportation Operations: Best Practices (2009)
Regional Concept of Transportation Operations: Signal Operations Agreement Template (2010)
Regional Concept of Transportation Operations: Signal Operations Strategy (2010)
Traffic Signal Operations Program (2006)
Transit Architecture (2001)

Land Use

Airport Compatible Land Use Program
Land Use Forecasting at PSRC Description (2012)
Natural Resource Land Trends in Central Puget Sound (2011)

Models and Modeling

Activity-Based Model & Land Use Model Integration (2014)
Activity-Based Model Design (2014)
Benefit-Cost Analysis (2009)
Benefit-Cost Analysis: Methods & Approach (2009)
Catching the Next Big Wave: Baby Boomers (2006)
Documentation: UrbanSim (2008)
Geodatabase (2010)
Land Use Forecasting (2012)
Overview of Integrated Modeling Framework (2009)
Planning for Freight — Travel Model (2009)
Transit Competitive Index Guide (2011)
Transit Service Planning Tool Guide (2014)
Travel Demand Forecasting (2009)
Travel Model Documentation: Updated for Congestion (2007)


PS Milestones series


Centers Parking Mgmt Checklist (2003)
Park-and-Ride Database
Park-and-Ride Lot Capacity and Occupancy
Parking Spaces Inventories
Parking Trends in the Central Puget Sound Region


Changes in Minority Population in the Puget Sound Region, 2000–2010
Estimates (annual)
Milestones: Growth Mgmt. by the Numbers (2005)
Milestones: Population, Employment & Housing (2002)
Puget Sound Trends: Population & Migration (2016)
Population of Cities and Towns
Population Trends

Rural Town Centers and Corridors

Options and Innovations Toolkit (2004)
Rural Town Centers & Corridors Project (2003)
SR 203 Pilot Study (2004)


Commute Trip Reduction and Telework (2010)
Creating Transit Station Communities (1999)
High-Capacity Transit Corridor (2004)
Milestones: Transit (2005)
Mode of Travel (2015)
Opportunity Maps (2012)
Transit Integration Report (2015)
Transit Ridership
Transit Service Overlay Zone Approach (2012)
Transit-Supportive Densities and Land Uses (2015)
Transit-Supportive Planning Toolkit (2013)


2006 Household Activity Survey (2007)
2006 Household Activity Survey: User’s Guide (2010)
2014 Puget Sound Regional Travel Survey
Average Distance to Work
Car and Truck Speeds on Freeways
Commute Trip Reduction Plan (2008)
Coordinated Transit-Human Services Plan (2010)
Earthquake Retrofit Fact Sheet (2014)
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (2010)
FAST Act: Let's fix the state's transportation mismatch (2016)
HOV Travel Times in the Central Puget Sound Region
Household Travel Survey Comparison Report
NextGen Airspace Optimization Study (2016)
Preparing Airports for NextGen Technologies (2013)
PS Milestones: Roadways & Ferries (2003)
PS Milestones: Transportation Demand Strategies (2005)
PSRC/Bellevue Multimodal Concurrency Project (2009)
Roadway Travel Times
TDM Action Plan (2013)
Traffic Choices Study (2008)
Traffic Volumes Mixed While Regional Employment Rises
Travel Characteristics for Puget Sound Residents
Travel Safety Trends (2014)
Travel Surveys Comparison 1985-2006 (2009)
Travel Surveys Comparison 1999-2014 (2015)
Vehicle Miles Traveled (2016)

Transportation 2040

Transportation 2040 Action Strategy (2012)
Transportation 2040 DEIS (2009)
Transportation 2040 FEIS (2010)
Transportation 2040 FINAL PLAN (2010)

Transportation 2040 Update

Transportation 2040 Update 2-Pager (2017)
Transportation 2040 Update Plan & Appendices (2014)

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Air Quality Conformity Analysis for TIP (2009)
Policy Framework (2014)
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Regional Design Strategy (2007)
VISION 2040 DEIS (2006)
VISION 2040 FEIS (2008)
VISION 2040 Issue Papers (2004-2006)

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