Puget Sound Regional Council

Demographic Profiles

Summary profiles of key demographic, social, economic and housing characteristics surveyed in the 2000 Census.

Summary File 1 (SF1) Subject Tables

Selected subject tables derived from Census short form questionnaire data. Topics include: Age and Sex, Race and Hispanic/Latino Origin, Household Characteristics and Relationships, Group Quarter Population, Housing Units by Tenure and Vacancy Status, and Household Size

Summary File 3 (SF3) Characteristics Reports

Characteristics reports exploring 10 primary subject areas surveyed on the 2000 Census long form questionnaire. Topics include: Age, Disability, Education, Employment, Housing, Income, Journey to Work, Language, Poverty, and Residency.

Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) Summary Tables

Summary counts of the total population by age 18+, race, and Hispanic/Latino origin used for legislative redistricting purposes.

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