Puget Sound Regional Council

In spring of 2014, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) initiated the Puget Sound Regional Travel Study, which began with a Household Travel Study (HTS) conducted to collect current information about household and individual travel patterns for residents throughout the PSRC four-county region. The results of this study are being used to update the region’s travel and land use models and to calibrate local traffic and travel models. The study can also help PSRC and its regional partners develop plans that accommodate the diverse travel needs and preferences of residents.

In addition to the spring 2014 household data collection effort, the Puget Sound Regional Travel Study also included a college population travel survey in fall of 2014, as the region’s university students are unlikely to be sufficiently represented in a household study. Then in spring of 2015, a second household data collection effort was conducted as part of an effort to collect data more frequently, to collect GPS data, and to collect a sample of longitudinal data from households that had also completed the 2014 survey.

Currently, the 2014 and 2015 Household surveys are available for download and the College Survey will become available at a later date. There are no plans at present to make the GPS data available.

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