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A report of demographic, economic, transportation and other planning data of interest to government, business and industry in the Puget Sound region.

Latest: Region Added About 60,000 Jobs in 2016

Puget Sound Trends: Region Adds About 60,000 Jobs in 2016 - GRAPHIC

Demographic Trends  
Jul 2016 On Our Way to Four Million People
Mar 2016 Central Puget Sound Magnet for Newcomers
Nov 2015 Population of Cities and Towns [available in Excel]
Jun 2014 Fair Housing in the Central Puget Sound Region
Jul 2013 Residential Building Permits
Economic Trends
Feb 2017 Region Added About 60,000 Jobs in 2016
Sep 2016 Half-Yearly Job Gains Highest Since 2000
Jun 2016 Services Sector Continues to Drive the Region’s Job Growth
Apr 2016 Region Starts off the Year by Adding 150 Jobs per Day
Feb 2016 Region Adds 54,300 Jobs in 2015
Jul 2015 Industrial Land Supply in the Central Puget Sound Region
Transportation Trends
Sep 2016 Transit Ridership Through July 2016
Sep 2016 On Pace for Another Record Year at Sea-Tac Airport
Jul 2016 Regional Transit Ridership Growth Still Going Strong
May 2016 Puget Sound Region Has Fastest-Growing Transit Ridership in U.S.
Apr 2016 Total Vehicle Miles up Due to Strong Economy and Low Fuel Prices — But Miles Per Person Down
Apr 2016 Driving Alone to Work Declining, Transit Use Growing Over Past 5 Years
Apr 2016 Sea-Tac Airport Moving Record Number of Passengers
Mar 2016 Ferry Ridership Is on the Rise
Mar 2016 Rail Ridership Continues to Climb
Feb 2016 Transit Boardings Topped 179 Million in 2015
Apr 2015 Travel Mode
Aug 2014 Travel Safety
Dec 2013 Parking Trends in the Region, 2010-2013

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