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A report of demographic, economic, transportation and other planning data of interest to government, business and industry in the Puget Sound region.

Latest Puget Sound Trend: Population of Cities and Towns

Demographic Trends
Nov 2015 Population of Cities and Towns [available in Excel] D3
Jun 2014 Fair Housing in the Central Puget Sound Region D6
Jul 2013 Residential Building Permits D4
Dec 2012 Household Type and Size D11
Jun 2012 Population Change and Migration D7
May 2011 Changes in Minority Population in the Puget Sound Region, 2000-2010 D9
Apr 2008 Development Patterns Shift Under Growth Management D5
Mar 2006 Population Trends D2
Jan 2006 Educational Attainment in the Central Puget Sound Region D10
May 2005 Characteristics of Migration for the Puget Sound Region D8
Jul 2001 Historical County Population Change, 1950-2000 D1
Economic Trends
Jul 2015 Industrial Land Supply in the Central Puget Sound Region E1
Apr 2010 Employment in Manufacturing-Industrial Centers, 2000-2008 E17
Oct 2009 Employment in Regional Growth Centers, 2000-2008 E13
Aug 2009 Housing Prices and Affordability E16
Dec 2008 Prosperity Partnership’s Indicators Highlight Areas of Change E6
Aug 2008 Employment Change in Puget Sound, 2006-2007 E2
Nov 2007 Recession and Rebound in Target Industry Groups (Clusters), 2000-2006 E5
Nov 2006 Personal Income and Inflation, 1995-2004 E4
Aug 2006 Wages in Central Puget Sound 1995, 2000-2004 E14
Jun 2006 High-Tech Employment E10
Oct 2005 Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment Growth, 2004-2005 E15
Nov 2002 Poverty Status in Puget Sound Region E12
Oct 2002 Changes in Housing Affordability E11
Oct 2001 Per Capita and Total Personal Income, 1970-1999 E3
Nov 1999 Services Employment Drives Diverse Regional Economy E9
Oct 1999 Wage and Job Growth in the Central Puget Sound Region E8
Environmental Trends
Oct 2011 Natural Resource Land Trends G2
Nov 2008 Emission Trends in the Central Puget Sound Region G1

Transportation Trends
Apr 2015 Travel Mode T8
Aug 2014 Travel Safety T19
May 2014 Transit Ridership T6
Apr 2014 Ferry Ridership T4
Dec 2013 Parking Trends in the Region, 2010-2013 T7
Jun 2011 Park-and-Ride Lot Capacity & Occupancy T12
Mar 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts T23
Oct 2010 Vehicle Miles Traveled T2
Sep 2010 Roadway Travel Times T5
Jan 2010 HOV Travel Times T13
Jan 2010 Commute Trip Reduction and Telework T16
Jul 2009 Bicycling and Walking in the Central Puget Sound Region T17
May 2009 Car and Truck Speeds on Freeways T14
Jan 2009 Household Travel Survey Comparison Report T3
Jul 2008 Travel Characteristics for Puget Sound Residents T9
Mar 2008 Comparing Population, Commute and Freight Patterns in the Puget Sound and Five Peer Regions T11
Dec 2007 Average Distance to Work T10
May 2007 Traffic Volumes Mixed While Regional Employment Rises T20
Apr 2006 Historical Ferry Fares T15
Aug 2004 Origin of Work Trips to the Region’s CBDs T24
Mar 2004 Commuting to the Region’s Downtown Areas T22
Nov 2003 Census 2000 Data Illustrate Diverse Commute Modes T21
Apr 2003 1980, 1990, and 2000 County-Level Journey to Work T1
Feb 2002 Commute Trends T18

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