Puget Sound Regional Council
Performance measuring is an important element of the Regional Economic Strategy. For each of the strategic goals listed below, one or more data elements have been identified to help assess progress on implementation actions detailed in the Regional Economic Strategy. Analysis on each measure will be made available and updated as data is collected and reviewed.
Regional Industries Education & Training Talent Attraction Business Climate Entrepreneurship & Innovation Infrastructure Quality of Life
Goal: Grow and support the region's key industries
Aerospace Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 3.7 120,612
Business Services Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 0.85 108,594
Clean Technology Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 1.10 20,215
Information Technology Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 2.4 156,770
Life Sciences and Global Health Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 0.95 20,469
Maritime Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 3.5 35,728
Military Employment (Updated 06/14) LQ*: 2.2 82,658
Tourism & Visitors Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 0.95 114,820
Transportation & Logistics Employment (Updated 08/15) LQ*: 1.02 59,921
Trend reflects change from 2008 to 2014
* - Location Quotient (LQ) reflects the regional concentration of jobs in an industry compared with the national average.
An LQ of 2.0 indicates the region has two times the national average of jobs in the industry.
An LQ 0f 0.80 indicates the region has 80% of the national average of jobs in the industry.

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