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PSRC’s 2012-2013 Coordinated Grant Program has concluded its funding awards to projects.

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The competitive grant program funds eligible projects from Federal Transit Administration dedicated special needs transportation funding sources managed by PSRC, and state and other FTA special needs transportation funds managed by WSDOT in its Consolidated Grant Program.

The Executive Board-approved program of projects consists of 35 projects seeking approximately $10.7 million.

As in past competitive funding cycles, PSRC and WSDOT coordinated their respective special needs transportation funding in the 2012-2013 Grant Program funding and award cycle to provide $6.5 million in funding to 17 of the top-ranked projects from this list.

All projects awarded funding meet the goals and objectives of the region’s 2011-2014 Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan adopted as part of Transportation 2040.

Job Access Reverse Commute and
New Freedom Grants

The Puget Sound Regional Council is a designated recipient of Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) and New Freedom funds apportioned to the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Urbanized Area by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). As a designated recipient, PSRC is responsible for the competitive distribution of both JARC and New Freedom funds.

WSDOT Consolidated Grant Program

As the RTPO (Regional Transportation Planning Organization) for central Puget Sound region, PSRC is responsible for regionally ranking projects that will be applying for special needs transportation funds from WSDOT Public Transportation Division’s Consolidated Grant Program. This biennial process is conducted with the JARC and New Freedom competition since many projects sponsors apply for both sources of funding (state and federal). For more information, please see: WSDOT’s Consolidated Grant Program.

MAP-21 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Funds

PSRC is a designated recipient of Section 5310 funds under MAP-21. Section 5310 will include more eligible activities to enhance mobility for seniors and people with disabilities. These activities are (1) former New Freedom activities — improvements that exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); (2) public transportation projects to improve access to fixed-route transit; (3) public transit projects expressly designed for seniors and people with disabilities, where transit is insufficient, inappropriate or unavailable; and (4) alternatives to public transportation that assist seniors and people with disabilities. “Public transportation projects to improve [seniors’ and disabled persons’] access to fixed-route transit” is a newly eligible use of Section 5310 funds.

MAP-21 requires that 55 percent of Section 5310 funds be spent on capital projects that address transportation needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. As was the case under SAFETEA-LU, all Section 5310 projects must be derived from locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plans.

As a designated recipient, PSRC is responsible for the competitive distribution of Section 5310 funding beginning in FFY 2013.

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