Puget Sound Regional Council

The Regional Food Policy Council partners with community, business, agriculture, and government in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties to develop integrated and sustainable policy and action recommendations that strengthen local and regional food systems.

Comprehensive Planning Resources

Jurisdictions across the region are updating comprehensive plans that will define their vision for growth and development over the next 20 years. The Regional Food Policy Council has developed a number of planning guides to assist communities interested in incorporating food policy in their comprehensive plans.

Food Policy Blueprints

Peer Networking Session: Addressing Food Policy in Comprehensive Planning

Food Policy and Comprehensive Planning

Planning for Whole Communities Toolkit


Regional Food Policy Goals

Supporting Economic Development

The system for producing and delivering food is highly complex and involves processing, transportation, distribution, consumption, and disposal. This region has many businesses and jobs that depend on the vitality of the local food economy. Through collaboration, the Regional Food Policy Council hopes to make a positive impact on the economic stability of our regional agricultural system.

Protecting Agricultural Land

The agricultural lands within the region are among the most productive in the state, and the loss of good quality farmland has implications for air quality, water quality and quantity, and the region’s self-sufficiency. Threats to the continued productivity of farmlands include urban development, incompatible adjacent land uses, and the loss of supporting services for farming. It is important for the region’s farmers, urban and rural residents, and decision-makers to plan strategically for the future of agriculture in the region.

Working Together

Jurisdictional planning and community-based projects are underway to help the region think strategically and sustainably about the food system. The Regional Food Policy Council and other food policy efforts are playing a role in organizing for an effective and robust food system. Some activities include:

Seattle Food Action Plan

City of Seattle Food website

King County Local Food Initiative

Kitsap Food Policy Council

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