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On July 12, 2013, the Oversight Committee took action to approve the Growing Transit Communities Strategy to support equitable transit communities in the central Puget Sound region. The Strategy culminates a two-year, consensus-driven, corridor-based planning process. It includes a toolbox of 24 key strategies to support equitable TOD, a typology of eight implementation approaches to link strategies to specific communities, and a Regional Compact to pledge an ongoing commitment to implementation between public, private and non-profit partners from around the region.

Growing Transit Communities Compact

Growing Transit Communities Regional Compact
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Growing Transit Communities Strategy

Executive Summary
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About the Growing Transit Communities Strategy

The purpose of the strategy is to present consensus approaches for developing thriving neighborhoods around high-capacity transit areas, and to provide tools and resources to implement adopted regional and local plans.

The goals and recommendations in the Growing Transit Communities Strategy are wide-ranging, developed with the recognition that some approaches may work in some locations but not in others, and that each partner retains flexibility to pursue the actions most appropriate to local needs and conditions.

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