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The City and County of San Francisco have developed regulations that eliminate minimum parking requirements and set a maximum amount of parking. These are some of the plans and regulations:

  • The Mission Bay Redevelopment Plan, adopted in 1998, was the first in the city to have no residential parking requirement.
  • San Francisco adopted the Rincon Hill Plan in 2005. It became the first neighborhood to have no parking requirements for any use. It is the second neighborhood to eliminate minimum residential parking requirements and the first to require unbundled residential parking, car share, and secure bicycle parking for new residential developments.
  • San Francisco adopted downtown parking reforms in 2006. This ordinance eliminated minimum parking requirements for housing in the downtown commercial (C-3) zoning districts. It set the first parking maximum below one space per unit. It requires active, pedestrian-oriented uses on ground floors of buildings and limits driveway cuts and garage entrances on important pedestrian, bicycle and transit streets downtown. The ordinance expands residential parking unbundling to downtown and increases car-share and secure bicycle parking requirements citywide.
  • In 2008 San Francisco adopted the Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan, extending parking policies (trading minimums for maximums, unbundling and driveway controls) from downtown and Rincon Hill into the Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle and North Mission neighborhoods.


Location: City and County of San Francisco, CA
Date Built: Ordinances evolved from 1997 through 2008
Renter/Owner: Both, applies to all development
Number of Units: n/a
Target Population: n/a
Enabling Policies/Housing Tools: Parking Reductions
Contact: San Francisco Planning Department, 415-558-6378; or Livable City, Tom Radulovich, 415-344-0489
Credits: City of San Francisco
Links: Off-Street Parking Requirements in City and County of San Francisco Municipal Code (See Article 1.5)
Livable City Parking Campaign

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