Puget Sound Regional Council

VISION 2040 Implementation

VISION 2040’s multicounty planning and regional growth strategy envision a significant share of the region’s growth being accommodated in already urbanized areas, with the growth occurring in an environmentally sensitive manner. VISION 2040 also encourages the efficient use of urban land, maintaining natural hydrological functions and, where feasible, restoring them to a more natural state. VISION 2040 promotes a sustainable approach, such that these goals are not seen as mutually exclusive.

Growth Management Policy Board Background

The Growth Management Policy Board has heard concerns from cities that the high cost of site-by-site stormwater requirements, in combination with other redevelopment costs, may stifle redevelopment of urban infill areas. To address this issue, the Growth Management Policy Board heard presentations and discussed the challenges of meeting stormwater management requirements. Read more.

Building Cities in the Rain Technical Assistance

As a result of the Growth Management Policy Board’s discussion on sustainable stormwater management, the Puget Sound Partnership South Central Local Integrating Organization requested technical assistance from the Washington State Department of Commerce to further understand and develop recommendations to address the issue. The Department of Commerce is leading the program Regional Alliances: Building Cities in the Rain to provide technical assistance for interested stakeholders.

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