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PSRC is leading a new project funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help the region’s airports get ready for emerging aviation technology. At its most basic level, NextGen represents an evolution from a ground-based system of air traffic control to a satellite-based system of air traffic management.

In May 2013, PSRC completed the Phase I study, Preparing Busy General Aviation Airports for Next Generation Technologies. PSRC is currently working the Phase 2 NextGen Airspace Study, which builds on the Phase I study.

NextGen technologies will allow more aircraft to safely fly closer together on more direct routes, reducing delays and providing unprecedented benefits for the environment and the economy by reducing carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and noise. Taking advantage of new technology will require airports to meet new FAA standards.

PSRC’s NextGen project includes five tasks:

  1. Identify airports where NextGen technology could be beneficial.
  2. Inventory these airports to determine their preparedness to implement NextGen.
  3. Identify airport design and operational deficiencies (this “gap” analysis will show the difference between existing airport conditions and FAA requirements to meet NextGen criteria).
  4. Develop a capital improvement plan (CIP) for each airport listing improvements to implement NextGen.
  5. Identify strategies and system applications.

Phase 1 – Reports

phase 1 – advisory committee

Feb 11, 2013 meeting

Jun 5, 2012 meeting

Jan 31, 2012 meeting



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