Puget Sound Regional Council

VISION 2040, the region’s long-range growth management, economic and transportation strategy, and Transportation 2040, the adopted Metropolitan Transportation Plan, call for the development of a transportation system that creates more travel choices while preserving environmental quality and open space. Bicycle and pedestrian transportation plays a key role in achieving these goals.

Biking and walking are efficient, low-impact modes of travel that don’t contribute to air pollution and can alleviate traffic congestion. The ability to safely bicycle and walk can provide varying levels of accessibility and mobility to everyone, including the young, elderly, physically disabled, low-income, and others who may not drive. Well-designed, strategically located bicycle and pedestrian facilities can also provide increased and safer access to transit for more people. Bicycle and pedestrian trails are important community amenities that can help spur economic development.

PSRC is committed to providing more and safer opportunities to walk and bike, and is working with communities throughout the region to plan for and implement efficient and effective bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs.


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