Puget Sound Regional Council

Help Improve Bicycling in the Puget Sound Region!

The Puget Sound Regional Council, together with researchers from the University of Washington’s Department of Urban Design and Planning, are working to better understand how to plan for the needs of bicyclists.

You can help by downloading the CycleTracks application for Android and iPhone and using it to record your bicycle trips. CycleTracks uses your phone’s GPS to record trip routes and times. At the end of each trip, data, including the trip purpose, route, date, and time, are collected for analysis. All personal data are kept confidential. CycleTracks was built by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, which successfully used this app to understand the needs of bicyclists to more effectively prioritize bicycle infrastructure investments.

Get the App!


Important: The app store download pages refer to San Francisco, where the CycleTracks was developed. This is also the correct download link for CycleTracks-Puget Sound Region.

Hang a Flyer in Your Breakroom or Locker Room.

Download the CycleTracks Flyer.

Every Trip Counts

CycleTracks works much like a travel survey, except that your phone keeps track of your bicycle trips for you. We would love for you to record each and every bicycle trip you take. However, we understand if you only want to record a few days of your commutes or trips to the store. A few trips are better than no trips!

CycleTracks FAQ

For more information about CycleTracks, see the FAQ page or contact Billy Charlton (206-464-5301).

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