Puget Sound Regional Council

Getting the Region Ready for Electric Vehicles

People in the central Puget Sound region were among the first to drive mainstream electric vehicles. PSRC worked with the state Department of Commerce, local governments and the electric vehicle industry to ensure that charging stations and other infrastructure were accessible and ready to go. Read more about work on Electric Vehicle Model Guidance.

Working Together

Public and private projects going on now are helping the region be electric vehicle-ready as new cars come to market. The EV Project, Clean Cities Coalition, ChargeNW, and local governments are playing a role in preparing for EVs. PSRC is providing data and analysis to help determine the best places to site public charging stations.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The region’s transportation plan, Transportation 2040, includes a greenhouse gas reduction strategy that shows how electric vehicles, combined with other measures, can help the region achieve state and federal climate goals.

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