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PSRC Releases Freight Strategy

PSRC has developed a comprehensive, multimodal Freight Strategy that serves as the freight component of the region’s long-range transportation plan, Transportation 2040. The Freight Strategy takes a look at all of the main freight modes, including rail, truck, air, and marine cargo, and examines the current and future issues as the region looks to planning for a sustainable transportation system out to 2040. The Freight Strategy has been developed through coordination with member agencies and other regional freight stakeholders. It establishes 23 recommendations across major planning issues brought up in Transportation 2040, including congestion and mobility, safety and security, sustainable funding, maintenance and preservation, and the environment. The Freight Strategy is included as Appendix J of Transportation 2040.

Movement of freight is the circulatory system of our economy. The Puget Sound region is a major North American gateway for trade with Pacific Rim countries and is the major economic engine for Washington state.

Federal and state planning laws mandate regional transportation planning for both personal and freight mobility. Two closely linked initiatives in the central Puget Sound region are the FAST Corridor and the Regional Freight Mobility Roundtable.

FAST Corridor

The FAST Corridor partnership is co-sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Puget Sound Regional Council. The partnership includes affected cities and counties, ports, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads. The FAST Corridor is managed through a multi-agency staff team known as the FAST Cast.

Regional Freight Mobility Roundtable

The Regional Freight Mobility Roundtable is a nationally recognized public private forum for the open discussion of multi-modal freight issues, among stakeholders who may not normally sit at the same table. The Roundtable meets bi-monthly to discuss transportation topics as they relate to trucking, marine cargo, rail freight, air cargo, and intermodal connections between.

Regional Freight Strategy


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