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The FAST Partnership Delivers

The Freight Action STrategy for the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma Corridor (FAST Corridor) is a partnership of 26 local cities, counties, ports, federal, state and regional transportation agencies, railroads and trucking interests, intent on solving freight mobility problems with coordinated solutions.

They have shared information and funding resources—sometimes shifting funds from projects that were delayed to those that were ready to begin—to benefit the program as a whole. Because of this team approach, projects were built which otherwise might never have been completed. Since 1998, the partners have identified and assembled more than $650 million of public and private funding to complete 20 of the original 25 partnership projects, and continue to work towards completion of the remaining five projects.

In January 2006 the supportive administrative responsibility for the FAST Corridor was consolidated in the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) and is no longer shared with the WSDOT. The close working relationship between the PSRC and the WSDOT (since 1996) is not affected.



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