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Transportation demand management (TDM) refers to activities that help people use the transportation system more efficiently. How people use the transportation system can significantly affect the need for new transportation investments and can support system preservation and maintenance. TDM activities help get the most out of transportation infrastructure and services by making lower cost, higher efficiency transportation options easier to use and more readily available.

TDM activities produce wide-ranging benefits to individuals and the transportation system as a whole, reducing traffic congestion, vehicle emissions, and fuel consumptions while supporting physical activity and enhanced safety. TDM makes existing transportation investments perform better, extends the life of existing infrastructure, and can improve outcomes for new transportation investments.

What is the Regional TDM Action Plan?

The Regional TDM Action Plan, 2013-2018 is a collaborative effort between the TDM Steering Committee and PSRC. The goals of the Regional TDM Action Plan are to:

• Provide a better understanding of TDM and its value by highlighting key activities in the region
• Describe the strategic priorities that TDM implementers across the region continue to pursue
• Recommend implementation actions for PSRC and the TDM Steering Committee to support and augment the work happening at the local level

Transportation 2040 called for the development of the Regional TDM Action Plan, and the document will be included as an Appendix to the updated Transportation 2040 plan, scheduled for adoption in May, 2014. The TDM Steering Committee intends for the Regional TDM Action Plan to be a living document that responds to existing challenges and takes advantage of opportunities to improve the reach and effectiveness of TDM activities in the region.

What is the TDM Steering Committee?

The TDM Steering Committee promotes a collaborative and coordinated approach to TDM activities happening throughout the central Puget Sound region. The TDM Steering Committee provides guidance to both local implementers and regional policy makers on delivering TDM benefits across the region, and also provides an opportunity for TDM implementers to convene and report on the results of local programs. For meeting and membership information, please visit the TDM Steering Committee page.



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