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Transportation 2040 includes a commitment to better prioritize transportation projects in the future.

Work is underway to develop the ways projects in the plan will be prioritized to best meet the objectives of the region’s growth strategy, VISION 2040. This information will aid decision makers when new funds are available or new projects are admitted to Transportation 2040. The 2014 Transportation 2040 Update will incorporate policy direction from the prioritization work.

The work is guided by the Transportation Policy Board through a Prioritization Working Group, which is representative of diverse regional interests. This group discusses evaluation measures and other inputs into the prioritization process. The Transportation Policy Board is also actively reaching out to PSRC’s boards and committees for input.

Prioritization Report

Prioritization Report
Appendix A: Decision-Making Using VISION 2040
Appendix B: State of Good Repair Report
Appendix C: T2040 Project Investments & Regional Capacity Projects Definitions
Appendix D: Measures
Appendix E: Sponsor Form Guidance
Appendix F: Scorecard Report – Updated on August 7th
Appendix G: Regional Growth Strategy Cross-Check
Appendix H: Programmatic Cross-Check Memo
Appendix I: Updated DRAFT Financial Strategy
Appendix J: Glossary

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