Puget Sound Regional Council

Maintenance and preservation refers to projects and programs designed to maintain, preserve, and operate the existing transportation system in a safe, efficient, and usable condition. They range from the replacement of transit and ferry capital to preserving pavement and other roadway and nonmotorized infrastructure, stormwater programs, as well as operations including transit, incident management, and local traffic operations.

Maintenance and preservation projects and programs are crucial to protect existing transportation investments, maintain system reliability, and preserve the mobility of people and goods throughout the region. Opting to not maintain and preserve the region’s existing transportation assets and operate the system efficiently can have serious economic, environmental, performance, safety, and financial consequences.

Maintenance and Preservation & Transportation 2040

PSRC’s primary role in maintenance and preservation planning is to account for future asset condition in the long-range planning process. Maintenance and preservation is the highest priority in the region’s long-range transportation plan, Transportation 2040. Since 2010, PSRC has strived to improve upon approaches to estimating future needs.

State of Good Repair Pyramid

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