Puget Sound Regional Council

Transportation 2040 is an action plan for transportation in the central Puget Sound region for the next 30 years.

A growing region

By the year 2040, the region is expected to grow by roughly 1.5 million people and support more than 1.2 million new jobs. All of these new people and new jobs are expected to boost demand for travel within and through the region by about 40%.

A better transportation future

Transportation 2040 identifies investments to support our expected growth and improve the service transportation provides to people and businesses. It lays out a financing plan that suggests a long-term shift in how we fund transportation improvements, with more reliance on users paying for transportation improvements. Transportation 2040 also proposes a strategy for reducing transportation’s contribution to climate change and its impact on important regional concerns such as air pollution and the health of Puget Sound.

Transportation 2040 Update

The T2040 Plan Update is underway. Click here for more information.

T2040 Webmap

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Outstanding Achievement

PSRC received an Outstanding Achievement award from the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations for Transportation 2040.


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