Puget Sound Regional Council


2012 Addendum


Transmittal Letter, Fact Sheet, Table of Contents, and Acronyms & Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Introduction and Background
Chapter 3: Plan Alternatives
Chapter 4: Transportation
Chapter 5: Land Use, Population, Employment, and Housing
Chapter 6: Air Quality and Climate Change
Chapter 7: Noise
Chapter 8: Visual and Aesthetic Resources
Chapter 9: Water Quality and Hydrology
Chapter 10: Ecosystems and Endangered Species Act Issues
Chapter 11: Energy
Chapter 12: Earth
Chapter 13: Environmental Health
Chapter 14: Public Services and Utilities
Chapter 15: Parks and Recreation
Chapter 16: Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 17: Environmental Justice
Chapter 18: Human Health
Lists of Appendices, Preparers, References, and Distribution


Appendix A: Transportation 2040 Alternatives Report
Appendix B: Regional Trends and Forecasts
Appendix C: VISION 2040’s Multicounty Planning Policies
Appendix D: Policy Analysis and Evaluation Criteria Report
Appendix E: Technical Description of the Modeling Framework
Appendix F: Public Scoping Process
Appendix G: List of Endangered, Threatened, and Sensitive Wildlife Species and their Habitats
Appendix H: List of Rare Plants
Appendix I: Transportation 2040 Alternatives Analysis Congestion Management Process Report
Appendix J: Environmental Resource Agency Consultation
Appendix K: Data Analysis and Forecasting at the PSRC
Appendix L: Greenhouse Gas 4-Part Strategy
Appendix M: Environmental Justice Public Outreach Summary Report
Appendix N: Public Outreach, Comment, and Response [70 MB]


FEIS Cover Thumb

To request a copy of the FEIS on CD, contact the Information Center.


Reader Note

Since production of the Final Environmental Impact Statement document, nonmotorized investments within a defined buffer area of transit stations (1 mile for pedestrian projects, and 3 miles for bicycle projects) have been moved into the financially constrained Preferred Alternative, from the unprogrammed portion of the Preferred Alternative. This modification does not change the environmental analysis. The FEIS was conducted on the full Preferred Alternative, consisting of both constrained, and unprogrammed projects and investments. Also, the project list has been edited to remove projects that have been completed.


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