2017-2020 TIP Documentation

Last Updated: 
Mar 16, 2017

This page lists all 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents that were adopted October 2016.


The TIP is required under federal and state legislation. It helps ensure that transportation projects in the region are meeting regional policies and federal and state requirements such as those under the Clean Air Act. The TIP is amended on a regular, routine basis, as discussed in our Amendments page.

Regional and local TIPs from across the state are compiled into the State TIP (STIP). The STIP is subject to FHWA and FTA approval.

Note: We regularly update the TIP. To see the most current project list, go to the main TIP page.


Overview of the 2017-2020 Regional TIP

Appendix A: Projects

Appendix B: 2016 Project Selection Process

Appendix C: Public Comments

Appendix D: Financial Plan

Appendix E: Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Appendix F: Environmental Justice and Social Equity Analysis

Appendix G: Annual Obligations & Completions

Appendix H: Certifications

Appendix I: Approvals