2022 Housing Incentives and Tools Survey Results: Stability

Housing stability is a big issue in the region. Rising costs threatens the ability of people to remain in their homes or find new ones. There are also substantial disparities in housing access between white and person of color households, underscoring the ongoing effects of systemic racism in housing.

PSRC fielded the Housing Incentives and Tools Survey (HITS) in the summer of 2022 to local jurisdictions to better understand how tools, incentives and strategies are being used and which are having the biggest impact on increasing housing development and affordability.

What is happening to address stability?

The survey findings show local jurisdictions are taking a number of actions and utilizing resources to address housing stability. Respondents noted that the Multifamily Tax Exemption continues to be a critical resource for cities and has allowed for greater production of affordable housing.

Washington State’s Housing Action Plan Grant program also stands out an important resource for local jurisdictions. Cities receiving funding to complete housing action plan grants have adopted more new zoning changes and incentives than cities without grant funding.

What are the gaps in addressing stability?

While local jurisdictions are taking action to combat rising housing prices and accessibility that impact stability, data shows considerable gaps in housing opportunity, particularly by race and ethnicity. Respondents noted that linking larger goals for racial equity with housing access is a big priority in upcoming comprehensive plan updates. Cities, along with regional and state partners, need to use every resource available to increase access and housing stability.

The full survey results are available on our website. Look for more blog posts on the survey this week.