Get Ready for the Regional Household Travel Survey

The regional household travel survey collects day-to-day information from residents in the central Puget Sound region: how we travel, where we go, how long it takes us - even where we choose to live and whether we get home deliveries. PSRC conducts this survey every two years.

Thousands of randomly selected residents in the area will receive invitations by mail to participate in this important transportation study starting the last week of March 2023. This survey is only open to people who receive invitations in the mail, so please participate if you receive one!

The survey will involve questions about general household information as well as travel details for specific days. The study privacy policy describes how any sensitive or personal information is handled and used. The aggregated data will be used for analysis and modeling purposes.

Results of the survey will provide up-to-date information and help planners understand how people travel around the region and how the region continues to adjust from the pandemic. This data impacts forecasts and travel models for decision-making.

The survey is being conducted by RSG, Inc. on behalf of PSRC. You can choose to participate online, via telephone, or with a smartphone app. Translation services will also be available.