Gil Penalosa and PSRC talk about safety

After the General Assembly, PSRC’s Executive Director, Josh Brown, had the pleasure of speaking to 8 80 Cities founder Gil Penalosa about how to create safer cities in our new video series PSRC Connects.

Gil Penalosa notes that safety is critical in creating sustainable cities and keeping citizens active; traffic incidents can be avoided by making the streets safe and establishing safe driving.

PSRC is taking steps to ensure the safety of our region through its first Safety Summit. The agency is hosting an event to discuss how the region can move towards reaching zero road fatalities.

This is the first step in creating our regional safety plan. Elected officials, transportation experts, engaged citizens, and other stakeholders committed to creating a safer place to live will be asked to provide input, and the summit will feature speakers and panelists from across the country who push for more equitable transportation systems.

The event will be held Thursday, June 29, at the Seattle Convention Center from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Since the topic of safety garners a lot of interest, PSRC is asking interested stakeholders to complete a registration form to ensure diverse voices across the region can participate. PSRC will be in contact no later than June 20 with registration information.