Hispanic workers use Transit Less

The central Puget Sound region might have a transit issue. In this Puget Sound Trend, staff examined the transportation habits of Hispanic and Latinx individuals in the region.

Hispanic or Latinx individuals make up 8% of commuters who use transit in the central Puget Sound region. This might be due to the location of residence and the accessibility of transit in those areas. The best transit access is concentrated in central Seattle and Bellevue but Hispanic populations live primarily in south King County (Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way and Auburn) and south Snohomish County.

The lack of transit accessibility for Hispanic populations can be displayed through high carpooling rates among the group. Hispanic commuters have the highest carpool rate at 14%, compared to 13% of Asian/Pacific Islanders, 10% of Black residents and 7% of non-Hispanic whites.

Is inaccessibility to transit the only issue? A Seattle Times article hints that the occupations held by many Hispanic or Latinx residents might make public transit an ill-suited mode of transportation for them.

For more information on the transportation habits of Hispanic or Latinx individuals in the region, check out the Puget Sound Trend.