Housing is Hard to Find and Discrimination Continues

PSRC has released findings from a public opinion survey on housing conducted last fall.

Not surprisingly, survey respondents stated that affordable housing can be hard to find.

Half of the central Puget Sound region respondents found it difficult or very difficult to find affordable housing to meet their needs and 48% report that they are directly impacted by housing costs, while another 31% know someone affected by housing costs. Statewide, 74% of respondents experienced difficulty finding or affording housing.

Additionally, survey respondents shared experiences of displacement or discrimination. In the central Puget Sound region, 14% reported being forced to move in the last five years, due to increased costs, eviction or foreclosure and 6% reported experiencing an actual eviction or foreclosure. Another 7% reported experiencing discrimination while trying to find housing. Similar numbers were reported statewide.

One family publicly shared on King 5 News discrimination they experienced while trying to sell their house.

About the survey

PSRC collaborated with the Department of Commerce to ask people in the region and across the state what they think about housing needs. The statistically valid survey was conducted in 12 Washington counties from October 15 to November 6, 2022. Over 4,300 responses were received.

The goal of the survey was to explore attitudes about the central Puget Sound region and Washington State’s housing needs​, outline housing desires, needs, and priorities of the general public and to provide regional decision makers with input from a broad cross-section of the public.

View the full public opinion survey. Look for more blog posts on this topic throughout the month.