New funding opportunity for infrastructure projects

$235 million is now available for grants and low-interest loans for construction, pre-construction, and emergency public infrastructure projects.

The Washington State Public Works board is accepting funding applications for infrastructure construction projects.

Eligible infrastructure systems include streets and roads, bridges, domestic water, stormwater, sanitary sewer, solid waste, recycling, and organics.

The distribution of funds is as follows: $221 million dollars available for construction loans and grants, $7 million for pre-construction, and $7 million for emergency loans and grants.

The first of two application cycles will be during the 2023-2025 biennium. Funds will be awarded to projects passing threshold ratings on a competitive ranking process. Rating and ranking for construction applications begins July 8, 2023, and awards are expected in August 2023.

The pre-construction program will be open continuously with quarterly funding awards until funds are exhausted and emergency construction application cycle is open on a first come-first served until funds are exhausted.

Cities, towns, counties, special purpose districts, and quasi-municipal organizations may apply.

Links to the Zoomgrants applications are now available. More information is available on the Public Works Board.