New Guidance Supporting Transportation, Equity in Comprehensive Planning

New Guidance Supporting Transportation, Equity in Comprehensive Planning

PSRC is supporting cities and counties in developing their 2024 comprehensive plan updates in multiple ways, including updated guidance. Two draft guidance documents are available for review and will be finalized in late May. These draft guides support local planning, focusing on equity in comprehensive plans and the transportation element.

Equity in Comprehensive Plans

As part of the Regional Equity Strategy, PSRC staff have been working with the Equity Advisory Committee to develop resources to center equity in planning. The first phase of this work focuses on providing guidance for comprehensive plan updates due in 2024.

Equity Planning Resources for Comprehensive Plans compiles example policies from local plans, local and national policy guides, and data resources on equity for comprehensive plans. The resources focus specifically on equity topics addressed in VISION 2050.

VISION 2050 includes policies and actions throughout the plan to advance a more equitable region. Outreach with local planners identified the need for additional guidance and examples of how to meaningfully elevate equity in local planning.

Questions or feedback on the draft can be sent to Liz Underwood-Bultmann (

Transportation Elements

Transportation elements are important components to local comprehensive plans and a key area for PSRC’s certification review. PSRC’s newly published Draft Transportation Guidance provides best practices, technical assistance, and information on the required components of transportation elements, both to meet state requirements and to ensure consistency with VISION 2050.

Transportation elements should be developed in tandem with other elements of the comprehensive plan and support local and regional land use and other policy goals.

Questions or feedback on the draft guidance can be sent to Jennifer Barnes (