New Profiles Highlight Data for Regional Centers

PSRC’s new Regional Centers Profiles provide data and information on the region’s designated centers. The online dashboard includes unique pages for each center with interactive data graphs and charts. Jurisdictions with centers may use this data to support local planning and to compare to nearby or similar centers. At the regional level, this data can be used to compare different types of centers and to see how individual centers are performing compared to the region. 

The region’s 30 regional growth centers have the most significant business, governmental, and cultural facilities and are planning for growth. Data highlighted for these centers includes population and housing, demographics, activity units per acre, jobs, and more. 

Charts such as the one above for the Bremerton regional growth center compare individual centers to all regional growth centers and the region. Data for the profiles comes from the WA Office of Financial management, US Census Bureau American Community Survey, and PSRC. 

The region’s 10 manufacturing/industrial centers are locations for more intensive industrial activity. These profiles include more detailed information on jobs and industrial lands. 

The profiles will continue to be updated as new data is available to support local planning and regional work. PSRC is starting additional regional centers monitoring and redesignation work in early 2024. More information will be shared at the February 1 Growth Management Policy Board meeting.