public participation plan

New Public Participation Plan approved

PSRC's Executive Board has approved the new Public Participation Plan.

The Public Participation Plan establishes consistent procedures to ensure people have reasonable opportunities to be involved in the regional planning process.

The primary goals of the Public Participation Plan are to articulate the agency's approaches to public engagement, increase awareness of regional planning activities, and receive meaningful public input in our decision-making processes.

PSRC has worked with its membership, boards and committees, local Tribes, Equity Advisory Committee, and the public over the past year to develop the Public Participation Plan.

The Public Participation Plan leads with equity and seeks to eliminate participation barriers. To engage the public, PSRC will provide opportunities to participate via public outreach, open meetings, relationship building, surveys as well as information and notification through social media, news releases and its website.  

The federal government requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) to develop Public Participation Plans.