New Puget Sound Trend illuminates housing discrimination

Many Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) renters struggle to find housing they can afford in the region.

As this map from the latest Puget Sound Trend shows, people of color are priced out of rentals in many areas.

Overall, Black and Hispanic or Latinx renters have substantially fewer affordable rental housing choices relative to their white and Asian counterparts. Black renters, in particular, struggle to find housing.

Neighborhoods that offer more affordability are also often located outside of urban areas, which contributes to auto-dependency, long commutes, and decreased access to opportunity. These factors can further exacerbate income and wealth disparities along racial lines.  

Fair Housing testing also revealed people of color, foreign-born individuals, and people with disabilities have a 60% chance of being treated differently when seeking housing.

Some of the most common forms of discrimination are:

●            Being told about fewer available units.

●            Quoted higher amounts of rent, deposits, and fees.

●            Told about fewer specials.

BIPOC renters will continue to face barriers to housing in the Puget Sound Region until housing supply, stability, and subsidy needs are met. VISION 2050, the region’s long-range plan for growth and the Regional Housing Strategy call for increasing housing access and affordability for all people regionwide.