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PSRC announces a new housing tool

Find out what housing tools will work in your community to match local housing strategies.

The Housing Opportunities by Place (HOP) is a typology used to classify strategies and tools that effectively address housing access and affordability at the regional level.

The HOP typology web platform provides an interactive map that allows users to select a census tract/type of place and get information on the recommended tools and actions for that type of place.

The Regional Housing Strategy provides the region an opportunity to take a more coordinated approach to address housing access and affordability. During scoping for the Regional Housing Strategy, PSRC heard from stakeholders that “everyone has a role to play” and the strategy should focus on a few key goals and group actions based on local conditions to underscore that all jurisdictions have a role to play regardless of size, market conditions, demographics, or staff capacity.

A typology responds to this feedback by providing a common regional approach while tailoring recommendations to specific locations based on their needs and opportunities.