PSRC Launches Powerful New Tool Providing Background on the History of Racist Policies in the Puget Sound Region

SEATTLE-- The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) debuted the Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report at the Equity Advisory Committee meeting, a web-based tool that chronicles the history of discriminatory policy in the Puget Sound Region. The report is intended to provide an opportunity for policy makers, cities and towns, public agencies and community members to learn about policies rooted in racism. The accurate understanding of structural racism can serve as a foundation to help shape current and future strategies to address the consequences of past harm.  

The interactive tool provides a high level overview of structural racism in the Puget Sound region, including King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Users can explore more details through various links provided in the report. 

The Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report is launched as part of the development of PSRC’s Regional Equity Strategy to provide targeted strategies to address racial disparities and the needs of marginalized groups in PSRC regional planning work and in local jurisdictions across the four counties. 

What Regional Leaders are saying about the Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report 

PSRC Program Manager – Equity Policy and Initiatives, Charles Patton 

“When we began to outline the tools we would need to design and implement the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Equity Strategy, we knew we needed to provide a history of structural and institutional racism in the region to give local government elected officials and community members a comprehensive resource for information about racist policies in our region. Our Equity Advisory Committee (EAC), Tribal partners, and over 25 PSRC staff worked on the Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report we are launching today, where users can find an overview or go deeper through supporting links and data to learn about discriminatory policy choices.” 

PSRC President and City of Poulsbo Mayor Becky Erickson  

“This new interactive tool chronicling racist policies in our region, along with racial equity training and other facets of the Regional Equity Strategy, provide valuable resources for local PSRC member jurisdictions to work toward dismantling racism, especially for smaller cities who don’t have the resources to hire dedicated equity staff. This will help us work toward addressing racial disparities across the region.” 

Equity Advisory Committee Co-Chair Shannon Turner 

“I’m excited the Equity Advisory Committee had the opportunity to co-create a resource like this, that explores the region’s history of racist policies, so our government agencies are better equipped to address the root causes of racial disparities we continue to grapple with today.” 

Equity Advisory Committee Co-Chair Julius Moss 

“I’m grateful for PSRC and how they’ve collaborated with the Equity Advisory Committee to develop tools like this that guide government agencies seeking to remove barriers for marginalized communities and helping all our residents reach their full potential. This work will have a profound impact on the lives of all our region’s residents.”