PSRC releases new stormwater guidance

To restore and protect Puget Sound and surrounding waterbodies from stormwater impacts, PSRC has partnered with the Washington State Department of Commerce to develop guidance on integrating stormwater solutions into comprehensive plans.

Stormwater is precipitation that runs off surfaces into nearby waterbodies, often collecting pollution and eroding soil along the way. Stormwater is currently the number one contributor to pollution in Puget Sound, affecting the orca and salmon populations within the region.

Jurisdictions can incorporate strategies into their comprehensive plans to help support Puget Sound recovery. Many of the strategies provide opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and partnerships with other organizations.

PSRC’s guidance document includes practical information for updating comprehensive plans, including model policies, project examples, resources, and example performance indicators.

The stormwater guidance will be reviewed in PSRC’s Passport to 2044 series in September. Stay tuned for more information.

 Check out the new guidance on Integrating Stormwater Solutions into Comprehensive Plans.