Regional Stormwater Summit 2.0

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, partners across the Central Puget Sound region are coming together for a second virtual stormwater summit to discuss regional actions to achieve the best outcomes for water quality, communities, and Puget Sound recovery.

Building upon the first summit in May 2021, Aligning Across Watersheds: A Stormwater Summit, Stormwater Summit 2.0 celebrates the preliminary regional stormwater goals many jurisdictions have helped to shape. The goals include: building 30 strategically sited regional stormwater parks, treating runoff from 100 miles of roadways through best management practices that remove 6PPD-q and more, providing flow control to 5,000 acres through a mix of green stormwater infrastructure and new detention ponds, and reducing sources of pollutants.

The leadership of EPA Region 10, Washington State Department of Ecology, State Salmon Recovery Council, and WSDOT will discuss how we can work together to tackle pollution sources. Participants of the Summit will learn from elected officials who have built regional collaborations to advance shared salmon recovery and climate change commitments. Participants will help to identify the next steps for mapping actions that local governments can take to advance regional goals. 

Both leadership and frontline staff from cities, Tribal governments, counties, research institutions, federal and state agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations working to control stormwater pollution are invited to join the summit.

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