Updated Data Resource for Racially Disparate Impacts

Looking for more data on your community to document exclusion, displacement, and racially disparate impacts in housing?

Recent changes to the Growth Management Act require local comprehensive plans to address racial exclusion and displacement in housing. In partnership with the Washington State Department of Commerce, PSRC’s Community Profiles now provides snapshots of information for each jurisdiction in the central Puget Sound region to analyze inequities that may be present in their community. Data measures include:

  • Racial composition
  • Cost burden by tenure and race/ethnicity
  • Rental housing affordability by income categories
  • Households by income categories and race/ethnicity
  • Owner and renter households by race/ethnicity

The data snapshots provide charts, mapping, and comparisons to the regional average.


Department of Commerce’s Guidance to Address Racially Disparate Impacts provides more information on how to document this work in local comprehensive plans. PSRC’s Displacement Risk Mapping is also a useful resource to understand displacement in your community.  The Department of Commerce website also provides downloadable data on racially disparate impacts.