Advisory Committees

This committee coordinates with and advises PSRC staff, policy boards, and other advisory committees on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian-related planning issues.
The Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) will work with the agency to co-create products as part of the Regional Equity Strategy as well as advise PSRC committees and policy boards on policies and programs with an equity lens.
PSRC's Freight Advisory Committee provides input into state, regional, and local planning processes with regards to freight and goods movement issues.
This committee advises PSRC staff and the Regional Staff Committee on demographic, economic, and land use data and modeling projects as well as technical long-range land use planning activities.
This group is a subcommittee of the Regional Technical Forum that addresses current travel forecasting projects. The MUG meets three times a year.
The Regional FTA Caucus is a subcommittee to the Transportation Operators Committee (TOC) that recommends a program of Federal Transit Administration formula program funds for transit projects within the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett urbanized area.
The Regional Project Evaluation Committee (RPEC) is composed of staff from PSRC’s member organizations, representing city and county departments of transportation, ports, transit agencies, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, the Washington State Department of Transportation and
The Regional Staff Committee discusses key issues and may make recommendations to the policy boards, Operations Committee, and Executive Board.
Beginning in Q2 2024, the Regional Traffic Operations Committee has been discontinued.
This committee advances a broad, multi-stakeholder coalition to support equitable transit-oriented development and the region’s adopted growth strategy. The committee advises the Growth Management Policy Board and meets quarterly.