Boards & Committees

PSRC is formed through an interlocal agreement and designated by the Governor of Washington State as the region's Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Governing Structure

PSRC is governed by the General Assembly. The General Assembly is composed of the elected leaders of PSRC's membership, and meets annually to vote on major decisions, establish the budget, and elect new officers.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is chaired by the PSRC President, meets about monthly, and serves as the governing board. Both the General Assembly and Executive Board use weighted votes based on population to make decisions. The Executive Board is advised by an operations committee and two policy boards on key transportation and growth management issues.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is composed of Executive Board members and chaired by PSRC’s vice president. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on the budget and work program, and on contracts and other financial and personnel issues.

Central Puget Sound Economic Development District Board

PSRC is also the region’s Economic Development District (EDD). The EDD is governed by a board composed of public and private members that coordinate regional economic development planning.

Transportation Policy Board

The Transportation Policy Board includes representatives of PSRC’s member jurisdictions, Tribes, regional business, state agencies, labor, civic, and environmental groups, representatives of the state Legislature and representatives of local and regional transit agencies.

Growth Management Policy Board

The Growth Management Policy Board includes representatives of PSRC’s member jurisdictions, Tribes, regional businesses, state agencies, labor, civic, and environmental groups.

Other Committees

In addition to its boards, PSRC has created a number of committees to engage stakeholders and ensure full participation from local governments, agencies, and users of the various components of the transportation system. PSRC seeks input from committees to provide ideas on ways to address regional challenges, to research and resolve technical issues, and to review and recommend major transportation projects for funding.