Plan Review Status & Certification Reports

Last Updated: 
Jul 30, 2018

PSRC reviews and certifies comprehensive plans for the region's cities and counties. Links below will open the most recent PSRC certification report for the jurisdiction.

Certified Comprehensive Plans – 2015/16 Updates



What Is Conditional Certification?

Jurisdictions that are conditionally certified are eligible to apply for regional funding and may proceed with projects submitted into the Regional Transportation Improvement Program, provided that they follow the required conditions of approval. Plans that are conditionally certified meet a majority of planning requirements for consistency with the multicounty planning policies, the regional transportation plan, and the Growth Management Act; and require limited additional work in order to be in full conformity with criteria for certification.

* denotes plan is conditionally certified

Countywide Planning Policies



Plan Review Manual

View the Plan Review Manual for details on the policy and plan review and certification process. The manual, including guidance and checklists, is in the process of being updated to be consistent with VISION 2050.