Comment on transportation projects recommended for funding

$32 million in transit funding and $3 million for rural projects

PSRC is seeking public comment on projects recommended to receive approximately $32 million for transit and ferry improvements in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, and approximately $3 million to fund road improvements in North Bend, Orting, Snohomish and Stanwood.

The public comment period on the recommended list of projects from both processes will run from May 11 to June 22, 2017. Public comments received will be reported to the Transportation Policy Board at its meeting on June 8, at which time the board will make a final recommendation to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is scheduled to approve the project recommendations on June 22.

The PSRC’s regional competition for Federal Transit Administration funding targets a limited number of high priority regional transit projects that support centers and connecting corridors. The recommendation includes a prioritized contingency list of projects should additional funds become available prior to the next project selection process.

Eight projects are recommended for funding, they are:

  • Community Transit Swift BRT Orange Line Project Development, preliminary engineering and design, $ 5,000,000
  • Sound Transit Sounder Vehicle Procurement, $ 7,800,000
  • Sound Transit Purchase 4 New High Capacity Transit Buses, $ 3,000,000
  • King County/ Metro Service Expansion Battery Electric Bus Service $ 6,464,000
  • City of Seattle Rainier Rapid Ride Corridor, PE/Design, $ 3,000,000
  • King County/ Metro King County Metro System Expansion: Eighth Base, Planning, $ 1,601,335
  • Washington State Ferries Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock - Pedestrian Overhead Loading, Construction, $ 4,000,000
  • Pierce Transit Corridor Improvements for Transit Speed & Reliability, preliminary engineering and design, $ 1,440,000

PSRC's Rural Town Centers and Corridors Program uses Federal Highway Administration funds for projects in smaller towns and cities in rural areas of the region. This recommendation also includes a prioritized contingency list of projects should additional funds become available prior to the next project selection process.

Four projects are recommended for funding, they are:

  • City of North Bend North Bend Way/Park Street Roundabout , Construction, $ 1,000,000
  • City of Stanwood 90th Avenue Extension, Construction, $ 1,437,750
  • City of Orting Whitehawk Boulevard Extension, PE/Design, $ 346,000
  • City of Snohomish Bickford & Weaver Intersection Improvements, PE/Design, $ 216,250

How to make a comment:

Mail: Puget Sound Regional Council
ATTN: Kelly McGourty
1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, Washington 98104-1035


In Person: June 8 at 9:30 a.m. or June 22 at 10 a.m. at PSRC offices, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle.


Buses are SO last century... PSRC and local governments drool over buses. Over decades they have squandered billions of dollars on buses, instead of a real subway system with conveniently placed stops + park and rides. Now, instead, and once again, we're getting hundreds of millions of dollars of buses: slowing traffic, causing car exhaust to increase, jamming the downtown rail tunnel.

Whoever came up with the idea of buses and trains sharing tracks should be sentenced to ride a bus for one year without getting off it.

Whoever came up with the idea of trains sharing the streets with cars should be sentenced to ride the slow train running over pedestrians on MLK Way for one year without getting off it.

Now we have two "great" lines of Lie Trail...I mean light rail: One almost finished line goes from UW to SeaTac, with stops a mile or more apart with no park and ride or convenient/fast shuttle service, thus allowing no one except those living within walking distance to utilize the line.

Where are plans for the lines (monorail or other) along Sand Point Way, Bothell Way, Lake City Way, 15th Ave NW, Elliot Way, etc, where everyone lives and no views are obscured by an elevated train system?

What a waste of time and money this "system" is. One only needs observe systems in Munich, Paris, Washington D.C., Montpellier, Moscow (RU), Hamburg, Vienna, Beijing, etc. instead of the PSRC conceitedly reinventing the wheel of public transit as a square.

Shame on you for posing as experts, when you are not; when all that is needed is to contract out to a qualified transit group that has done this successfully, and continues to do so.

Tax payers are clearly just as misinformed: they voted to extend the north south line for billions, when instead, that money could have gone to expanding an underground and elevated system within and near Seattle where most car trips occur. (If no one's noticed, traffic has gotten even worse since the "light rail" (lie trail) line has been operational - in other words, it has provided no measurable relief to surface street traffic.)

I am a big proponent of public transit. However, PSRC's idea is an exclusionary transit system. Sorry, but by world standards and expectations, PSRC's plan etc. is therefore a flop.