Pierce Transit doing HCT Feasibility Study

Pacific Ave/SR 7 to Spanaway being considered

A new feasibility study for High Capacity Transit along Pacific Avenue and State Route 7 from downtown Tacoma to Spanaway is being conducted by Pierce Transit. 

The corridor is currently served by bus number 1 and has the highest ridership among Pierce Transit's routes, accounting for 18% of its total ridership systemwide. 

Right now 55,000 people live within a half-mile of the 14.4 mile corridor and that is expected to grow by 25% by 2040. About 11% of the people currently living in the corridor are transit dependent. 

The corridor is also home to 31,000 jobs, a number that is expected to grow to 59,000 by 2040.

Pierce Transit expects to finalize its plan for the corridor in April 2018. 

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What are the vehicle traffic counts at intersections along the 14.4 miles of SR7 in the study.
Do you have the counts over time periods and days for OUR information and usage calculations. The numbers ARE critical to this type of proposal. Without the long term actual counts, projections can NOT be estimated. Please email the tables detailing the needed information.

Thank You.
David Dana

Hi David, 

Here is a sample of the traffic count numbers we got from WSDOT for SR 7 in the study area. I will email you the full file with all the numbers and mileposts. 

SR 7 at SR 507 in 2013 38,000, in 2016 39,000

SR 7 at Military Road in 2013 32,000, in 2016 33,000

SR 7 at 512 in 2013 40,000, in 2016 41,000

SR 7 at Pacific in 2013 19,000, in 2016 22,000 

Pierce Transit is holding open houses about this project next week, here is the link to the information https://www.piercetransit.org/news/?id=326

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